Dez Bryant and Kevin Ogletree make mistakes on picks

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said his wide receivers made some critical mistakes on two pass plays leading to interceptions in Monday's loss to the Chicago Bears.

On the first of five interceptions thrown by quarterback Tony Romo, wide receiver Dez Bryant made a mistake in reading the coverage.

Before the play, Romo gestured toward Bryant a change in a route was forthcoming based on the coverage. Bryant ran a go route down the field and Romo thought the receiver was going to run a hitch route, which is shorter.

It led to Charles Tillman intercepting the pass and returning it for a touchdown, giving the Chicago Bears a 10-0 lead, which eventually turned into a 34-18 victory.

"The first interception was a miscommunication with our quarterback and our receiver not seeing the leverage in the coverage of the corner the same way," Garrett said Tuesday afternoon from Valley Ranch. "Tony thought Dez was going to run a hitch, Dez saw it as press coverage and he adjusted and went deep around the corner, and Tony had to cut the ball loose. There was pressure by them, and they just didn’t see it the same way and that resulted in that interception."

Romo's second pick was blamed on wide receiver Kevin Ogletree as well. Romo fired a pass toward Ogletree that might have been tipped by Tim Jennings. Major Wright was able to snag the ball after it bounced off Ogletree.

"The second interception was to Ogletree," Garrett said. "We were down in the red zone, moved the ball down in there. What they do on defense is they, you have to be really efficient throwing the football underneath them over and over again, and they are going to contest some plays. And it was a contested throw to Kevin and the ball got in on him and the ball bounced up off of him. Hard to tell if the defender got his hand in or not, but that was a scoring opportunity for us that they created a turnover on."

It's easy to blame the quarterback for interceptions, Romo had five on Monday night, but sometimes the receiver plays a role in that as well.

On the season, Romo has thrown an NFL-high eight interceptions.