Jason Garrett needs to stick around

IRVING, Texas -- In his first 29 games, the best coach in the Dallas Cowboys' illustrious history went 5-21-3. In his first 29 games, the second-best coach in franchise history went 7-22.

Oh, the nasty things folks said about Tom Landry in the early '60s and about Jimmy Johnson after he replaced Landry in 1989. Of course, at the time, fans had no clue about the legacy each man would leave.

When Landry was criticized early in his tenure, Tex Schramm responded by giving him a 10-year contract. When Jimmy came under scrutiny, Jerry Jones gave him a long-term extension.

If Jerry still believes in Jason Garrett, his hand-picked coach, then the owner should let the players, fans and media know he has no reservations whatsoever about the long-term direction of his franchise.

He should give Garrett, 15-14 in his first 29 games, a five-year extension.

Right now.

That's right, Jerry should lock up Red J for the foreseeable future before the month ends.

Learn the reasons why here.