Jason Garrett praises Mackenzy Bernadeau

IRVING, Texas --Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said starting right guard Mackenzy Bernadeau played his best game of the season in a loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

The run game benefited with 227 yards rushing.

This Sunday the Cowboys take on Bernadeau's former team, the Carolina Panthers. Bernadeau was a 2008 seventh-round draft pick by the Panthers and started 20 games before he hit free ageny.

Bernadeau never became the full-time starter and when he became a free agent the Panthers didn't spend the money like the Cowboys did. Bernadeau signed a four-year $11 million deal with $3.25 million guaranteed in the offseason to help improve the interior of the Cowboys' line.

"Ron Rivera is a great coach," Bernadeau said after Wednesday's practice. "They have a great staff over there and they have a lot of great players over there. Those things didn't work out. It's part of the game, part of the business. I'm happy where I am at learning, playing a lot better, just have to be more consistent with it."

It still had to bother Bernadeau just a little thta the Panthers didn't offer him a bigger deal. Sunday he wants to prove his former team made a mistake letting him go.

"There's always that feeling you always want to play (well against a former team)," he said. "It will be exciting to go back and play. I have a lot of good friends on the team. I'm familiar with the area. and I (know) a lot of great guys. It's exciting to go back and play, and hopefully we can come back with that W."

Over the last two weeks, Bernadeau was criticized for his poor play and line coach Bill Callahan challenged him to perform better.

When told Garrett said he played his best game of the season, Bernadeau said, "It was a better game. I know I can get a lot better. I know there's a lot of things I can improve on, especially as an offensive line as a whole we're trying to get better every game. We want to peak right now."