Jason Garrett trending the wrong way

IRVING, Texas -- Gotta give credit to Jason Garrett: He's gotten pretty dang good at those day-after-a-clock-management-crisis news conferences.

Heck, he's had a lot of practice.

Garrett aced it on Monday, explaining in detail exactly what happened during the Dallas Cowboys' mental breakdown down the stretch in Baltimore. The players didn't get a pass, but Garrett put the biggest piece of blame pie on his plate.

"It starts with me," Garrett said over and over again.

Man, he's come miles since early last December when he just kept on rationalizing his ridiculous decision-making the day after a similar debacle in the desert. Hey, if you're going to keep making messes, better become efficient with the clean-up process.

Can you think of any other evidence of Garrett's progress as a head coach?

Hear those crickets chirping? Here's why you do.