Rob Ryan ready for Cam Newton

IRVING, Texas -- For the first time this season, the Cowboys will face a quarterback that runs the basic option and the zone read in Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

In Newton's last game, a 16-12 loss to Seattle on Oct. 7, the Panthers ran out of the shotgun formation 43 times, under center 11 times and used the zone read/option plays nine times. These numbers include penalties.

"I can handle the option," Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said. "I've done it my whole life."

For the game, Newton went 12-of-29 for 141 yards with no touchdowns or interceptions. He was nearly picked off twice and there were numerous drops. He rushed for 42 yards on seven carries.

Newton didn't look good in this game. There was pressure in his face for a good portion of it but some of his throws were high and low. He missed a wide open receiver in the end zone on a fourth-and-goal when he made an off balance throw into the dirt.

"It's tough," Ryan said of what Newton does. "This league is about players more so than schemes and things. He's a dynamic player and does commercials and got posters all over the place and there's a reason. The guy is a tremendous athlete, but we run a sound defense here. So we're just ready to play and get on track."