Jason Witten trusts Jason Garrett

IRVING, Texas -- The biggest issue coming out of the Cowboys victory over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday was Jason Garrett's lack of trust in the offense.

Garrett said he trusts the offense, but his decision to run the ball with about three and half minutes remaining in the game and settle for a field goal that eventually gave his team a 16-14 lead was an interesting call.

Garrett played it safe instead of asking Tony Romo, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Felix Jones and Jason Witten to become playmakers.

"I think it's obvious he’s playing the situation out," Witten said Monday. "Calling and managing the game the best way he can to give us a chance to win. And the thing for us as players, you don’t think anything twice about it. He's the play caller and he's in charge, and our job is to go out and execute the plays."

Still, to hand the ball off to third-string tailback Phillip Tanner on a third-and-9 instead of trying to get the ball to Witten, Austin or even Bryant is a little strange.

Garrett said the coverage dictated the play call and, with the Panthers in a zone, he didn't think any play to the end zone would work. On the previous play, Carolina was in man coverage and Romo fired a pass to Bryant in the end zone that was dropped.

It was a contested play because the defender played Bryant tight.

"You always want to score in the game to make it a two-possession game," Witten said of a touchdown. "Why you’re in that situation, I really don’t know. I trust he knows what he’s going to do best for the football team and you go with that. I don’t think you can start analyzing that from a players' perspective, especially offensively, because so much goes into it. Our job is to execute the play."