Dez Bryant cancels himself out

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Romocoaster might be the featured attraction, but the Dez Bryant Bandwagon is the wildest, craziest ride at Jerry Jones' traveling carnival.

Only the truly brave -- or totally insane -- are still on it, crash helmets strapped on and seat belts buckled tight.

The ride was as exhilarating and exasperating as ever Sunday. The afternoon essentially summed up the career of the Dallas Cowboys' high-drama receiver so far.

Bryant alternated between awful and amazing. He deserved arguably the biggest share of the blame for the Cowboys being buried by 23 points after 17 minutes. Then he played a huge role in what could have been the Cowboys' biggest comeback, finishing with a career-high 110 yards on five catches.

And Bryant almost had his fingerprints all over the moment that might have catapulted the Cowboys to the kind of season they dream about -- if only his fingertip didn't come out of bounds.

The instant replay, however, was clear. Bryant's glove barely touched that white end line a split second before his backside crashed into the blue turf. The jaw-dropping display of athleticism, that leaping catch between New York Giants defenders in the end zone with seconds remaining, was simply a spectacular incompletion.

Who cares about the what-ifs? The Cowboys didn't win, their slim division-title hopes near death after the 29-24 loss to their NFC East rivals.

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