Jason Garrett's seat just got a little hotter

ATLANTA -- The Dallas Cowboys have lost nine of their past 13 games. Jason Garrett's raggedy offense managed just one touchdown Sunday night.

And the playoffs became a little bit more of a mirage after the Atlanta Falcons edged the Cowboys 19-13.

For the first time, Jerry Jones has a viable replacement, if he wants to fire Garrett.

His name: Sean Payton.

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported earlier Sunday that Payton's multiyear contract extension, which he signed in September 2011, was voided because NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn't like certain language in it.

As of today, Payton is free to sign a contract with any team once his year-long suspension for his role in the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal ends.

So laugh, if you must. Dismiss the notion, if you choose. Go ahead and persuade yourself that Payton will eventually find his way back to the Saints.

Garrett's job status is officially tenuous no matter what he says or Payton says, and you might as well ignore whatever Jerry says about Garrett's future.

After all, Jerry has said more times than any of us can remember, "That just because I say it doesn't make it so."

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