Jason Hatcher: 'A whole lot better' than 3-5

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IRVING, Texas -- Bill Parcells used to say you are what your record says you are, but one of the Tuna's draft picks doesn't believe that applies to these Dallas Cowboys.

Veteran defensive end Jason Hatcher refuses to accept that the Cowboys' 3-5 record reflects on the quality of their team.

“Yeah, we’re a whole lot better," Hatcher said. "We’ve just got to do the small things. We’ve got to finish games, take care of the ball, create more turnovers on defense. Just finish overall. We’ve got to just do those things. I’m not giving up.”

Hatcher gets that the Cowboys can't get back the games that they've blown. He understands that they've put themselves in a situation that would require them to win at least six of their eight remaining games to have a chance to go to the playoffs.

Hatcher just isn't giving up hope.

“At the end of the day, it is what it is," Hatcher said. "You can’t change (it). What you can do is you can look yourself in the mirror and check yourself, check your character to see what kind of man you is.

"Yeah, you’re dug in a hole. Now what are you going to do about it? Are you going to get out of it or are you going to tuck your tail and run like a punk? That’s what you’ve got to do. Right now, I’m checking myself. I’m not giving up.”