Tony Romo: 'Great Escape' tops charts

PHILADELPHIA -- Tony Romo has made so many something-out-of-nothing plays over the years that a lot of them become a blur.

The first-down scramble against St. Louis in 2007 when a shotgun snap went over his head comes to mind. There was a mad-capper against Atlanta in 2009 and a touchdown throw last year at Tampa Bay after he ran into one of his own offensive linemen.

And so many more.

Add a third-down pass from Sunday's 38-23 win against Philadelphia to that mix tape.

Trailing 17-10 in the third quarter with the season very much on the line, Romo got away a drive-ending sack when he slipped away from Fletcher Cox, under Jason Babin and through Cullen Jenkins before finding Miles Austin for a 25-yard gain. Three plays later, the Cowboys tied the score.

By the time Romo touched the football again, the Cowboys had a 31-17 lead thanks to a punt return for a touchdown and an interception return for a score.

"I don't rank them, but that one is No. 1," Romo joked of his escape.

If Sunday's win turns out to be more than just a mirage and something that actually leads to the Cowboys making a playoff run, that third-down "He did that how?" play will be remembered as the catalyst.

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