Tony Romo: 'Great Escape' tops charts

November, 12, 2012

PHILADELPHIA -- Tony Romo has made so many something-out-of-nothing plays over the years that a lot of them become a blur.

The first-down scramble against St. Louis in 2007 when a shotgun snap went over his head comes to mind. There was a mad-capper against Atlanta in 2009 and a touchdown throw last year at Tampa Bay after he ran into one of his own offensive linemen.


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And so many more.

Add a third-down pass from Sunday's 38-23 win against Philadelphia to that mix tape.

Trailing 17-10 in the third quarter with the season very much on the line, Romo got away a drive-ending sack when he slipped away from Fletcher Cox, under Jason Babin and through Cullen Jenkins before finding Miles Austin for a 25-yard gain. Three plays later, the Cowboys tied the score.

Cowboys QB Tony Romo talks about playing with their backs against the wall, the importance of getting scores in all three phases of the game and more.

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By the time Romo touched the football again, the Cowboys had a 31-17 lead thanks to a punt return for a touchdown and an interception return for a score.

"I don't rank them, but that one is No. 1," Romo joked of his escape.

If Sunday's win turns out to be more than just a mirage and something that actually leads to the Cowboys making a playoff run, that third-down "He did that how?" play will be remembered as the catalyst.

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Todd Archer

ESPN Dallas Cowboys reporter



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