Six teams had fewer penalties than Mo Claiborne

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne was penalized five times for 35 yards at Philadelphia, which was more than the totals of six teams Sunday.

The New York Giants, San Diego and Tampa Bay all had one penalty for five yards. Houston had three penalties for 35 yards, Tennessee had four for 39 yards and Baltimore had four for 41 yards. Three teams had five penalties each.

Claiborne would have had more yards if the Eagles were not already at the Dallas 1 when he was called for his second offside penalty. He had two defensive holding penalties and a 20-yard pass interference penalty.

“He’s a battler,” cornerback Brandon Carr said Monday via conference call with local media. “He’s a competitor. He didn’t blink an eye yesterday, didn’t bat an eye or however you say it. I told him he’s going to have those days out there where things are not going your way or you feel like everybody is against you, but he’s going to have days where he’s out there shutting guys down. But you just have to continue to have that aggressive nature, aggressive attitude because it’s going to pay off. I figure he’s not going to let down. I know he’s going to work to tighten things up on some things. We’re still going to have to get after it out there on the island and he’s going to challenge guys each week.”