Doug Free is frustrated

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys starting right tackle Doug Free is coming off a difficult performance.

He allowed two maybe three sacks unofficially against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday and many are questioning whether he's regressing.

"I’m definitely frustrated," Free said. "There are times where I do a great job. There are other times where I don’t get it done exactly perfect. It’s something I don’t want to be part of. I want everything to look great. I want everything to be great."

Monday afternoon, coach Jason Garrett said Free needed to change his demeanor. It could be taken as Free needed to become more aggressive at the line of scrimmage or he's playing with a lack of confidence. Free said he's playing with confidence but he just needs to attack oncoming pass rushers.

"Every game is a challenge," he said. "Some games are better than others. But every game you can look at it and say I did this wrong, I did that wrong. Some are worse than others, but I mean every game you’ve got things to work on, things to fix, you’ve got to stay focused on the task at hand."

Where is the player the Cowboys signed to a four-year $32 million contract in 2011. In 2010, Free was a solid performer at left tackle, then he struggled somewhat in 2011 after starting all 16 games.

The Cowboys made a switch following that season, moving Tyron Smith from right tackle to left to maximize the potential of both players. Free has struggled this season.

"Well, a lot has changed since then: a different offensive line coach, different things," said Free, who broke in with Hudson Houck as the line coach and now has Bill Callahan. "It’s not the same old game. Every year there are different things that come up. So every year, you have to move with the times and play a little different, so you just have to get good at what you are getting coached and go to work."