Are the Cowboys still 'America's Team'?

For the past 33 years, the nickname of America's Team has, for the most part, stuck, though the Dallas Cowboys don't seem to be embracing it as much as former general manager Tex Schramm did in the early years. They sell a Nike America's Team shirt in their online store, but they haven't trademarked the phrase and, in fact, don't like to talk about it.

"It has never been something the organization has ever promoted or called itself," team spokesman Rich Dalrymple said. "We don't beat our chests about it, and we don't view it as a contest with other professional sports teams."

The topic is certainly getting a bit more sensitive. The Cowboys haven't been to a Super Bowl in 16 seasons, the longest drought in team history. Over that time, they've won only two playoff games in seven appearances. They no longer have the league's best all-time winning percentage, which now belongs to the Chicago Bears.

But most of the data seems to show that the Cowboys still are America's Team, even though they aren't winning like they used to.

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