Dan Bailey glad to bring some happiness

CINCINNATI -- Dan Bailey has hit a number of game-winning field goals since joining the Cowboys, but Sunday’s from 40 yards might have been his most memorable considering the circumstances surrounding the team because of the early Saturday death of Jerry Brown.

“I think it was a little sense of happiness,” Bailey said. “It’s been a pretty somber weekend. It’s good to give a little bit of joy, a little sense of relief, but it doesn’t really fix things that happened to make it any easier. It’s still going to be tough from here on out.”

It was Bailey’s second-game winner of the season, beating Cleveland with 6:07 left in overtime with a 38-yarder after a 32-yarder sent the game into overtime. He had a chance to beat another AFC North team earlier this season, but his 51-yarder at the end of regulation missed to the left.

As best he could, Bailey cleared his mind as he came on the field

“You have to put not too much thought into that,” Bailey said. “Trust yourself. Trust your teammates and it’s, ‘Hey, we’ve got a chance to win the game, let’s do it,’ and deal with everything afterwards.”

The Bengals ran out of timeouts early in the fourth quarter and were unable to ice Bailey.

“It’s kind of a relief they don’t have a timeout because they can’t try to pull something on you,” Bailey said.

The Cowboys wanted to get to the Cincinnati 32 to feel comfortable with a Bailey kick but made sure they had the wind at their backs in the fourth quarter if they needed a kick from the 40.

“That gives you a chance at the end of the game to maybe kick a little farther field goal if you need to if it’s that kind of a game,” coach Jason Garrett said. “And sure enough it turned out to be that. We felt like if we got to the 32-yard line that was a makeable kick for him.”