Jerry Jones wonders if more could have been done

CINCINNATI -- Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is proud of the team’s player development program that helps with off-field issues but is left wondering if the team could have done more in the wake of the death of Jerry Brown.

“I certainly have spent a lot of time over the last 24 hours looking back and thinking what might have been said and done and I know there are many things that might have been said and done, so the answer is yes,” Jones said. “But I know that’s the way things happen when you have a tragedy.”

The Cowboys will hold a memorial service for Brown on Tuesday.

Jones was asked after the game if the club would have a Friday night curfew.

“We have things in place that certainly we are always looking and reviewing under the circumstances,” Jones said. “We have those things. I wouldn’t go into specifically any detail or what we’re doing or what we’ve done. As a league, as a players’ association, we have several constituencies that really are a part of what’s in place, both from the players’ association as well as the Cowboys.”