A week later, different challenge remains

IRVING, Texas – Last Friday night, the Cowboys’ biggest worries were about how to beat Cincinnati on Sunday, then came the tragic news of the death of Jerry Brown and the arrest of Josh Brent early Saturday morning.

This week the challenges have been much greater. The team held a memorial service for Brown on Tuesday and returned to a normal – if there is such a thing after what happened – practice week.

Having played in the NFL for so long, coach Jason Garrett said he understands the rhythm of a work week in football and that players will go out on Fridays with only a walkthrough on Saturday morning leading into a game.

Garrett did not say he would make any specific reminders about programs the team has in place this week in the wake of last week’s accident.

“We always try to do that,” he said. “We have an unbelievable player development and player resource program. Bryan Wansley heads it up. We have a lot of people that are resources to him and our players and we try to keep that in front of our players throughout the year.”

Garrett said the team will go through its normal Saturday routine before players head to the team hotel in the afternoon.

“I think that something that is really important to keep in mind in dealing with this whole situation, the tragedy that we’ve dealt with for the last week, is there’s a football situation but the much more important situation is the human situation. This is a life thing that we all went through and it was a devastating loss for everybody and somehow someway you have to differentiate between those two and honor Jerry and his family, support Josh in what he’s going through, but also get back to the business of what we have to do in everyday life. That’s a challenge people in all walks of life have when things like this happen and we’re no different … I think our guys have handled it very, very well.”