Jason Garrett's view of Tony Romo, Drew Brees

IRVING, Texas – Jason Garrett dislikes comparing players, but it didn’t stop him from talking about Tony Romo and Drew Brees on Thursday.

Sunday will be the third time these quarterbacks have started against each other when New Orleans comes to Cowboys Sunday. In 2006, Brees won, 42-17. In 2009, Romo won, 24-17, ending the Saints run at an undefeated record.

In 2010, Romo was out with a fractured collarbone.

“I think you could say they’re very instinctive players,” Garrett said. “They’re very talented athletes. They seem very comfortable on the field in all different kinds of circumstances but I do think they’re instinctive. They have really good vision. They can throw the ball where you need to throw it. They have quick strokes to get the ball out of their hand … They do play well within the system but when things break down they both seem to be able to make plays, little plays and big plays, for their team.”

Garrett nearly coached Brees in Miami, but the Dolphins’ doctors gave Brees, who was coming off shoulder surgery, a poor review. The Dolphins signed Dante Culpepper and the Saints landed Brees.

Everybody knows the rest of the story.

“To say he would go on to have the kind of career he’s had in New Orleans, I don’t know anybody would’ve said that,” Garrett said. “Since Drew Brees was in high school everybody’s known about the person he is, the winner he is. He did it in high school. He did it in college. He was going it in the NFL. He’s always seemed to be the guy that could lead and could be productive.”