Jason Garrett's approach yielding real results

IRVING, Texas -- Jerry Jones admittedly didn't have a good answer as he stood in the Dallas Cowboys' locker room while most of the country sat down for Thanksgiving dinner.

The question after the Cowboys fell a game under .500 after another loss: What is there to like about the direction that Jason Garrett is leading this team?

A frustrated, frazzled Jones, fresh off watching his team's rally fall short after rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III carried the Washington Redskins to a 25-point halftime cushion, made a somewhat stunning confession. The only positive signs the eternally optimistic Cowboys owner could come up with -- his team's comebacks, the fact they kept playing hard -- were "hollow."

At that point, all Garrett had were his principles and his process. There certainly wasn't any apparent proof of progress.

Fast forward a few weeks. Garrett's Cowboys have stacked three straight wins to regain control of their playoff destiny. The last two victories have been comebacks that occurred under unimaginably adverse circumstances against teams contending for the playoffs.

Many of us expected suspended coach Sean Payton's pending decision to stay in the Big Easy or bolt for Valley Ranch to be the dominant storyline leading into the Saints-Cowboys game. At this point, however, it's extremely hard to envision Jones giving up on Garrett, even if an old pal/proven Super Bowl championship coach is available.

Understand that Jerry really wants to be right about Garrett, who has given his boss legitimate reason to support the belief that he's the right guy for the job.

The Cowboys are experiencing tangible success, although Garrett quickly points out that they've yet to accomplish any of their goals in the grand scheme of things, steering the conversation to preparing to face the Saints at noon CT Sunday.

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