Big Decision: Offense must flow through DeMarco Murray

ARLINGTON - New Orleans has one of the NFL’s best offenses. And it has one of the league’s worst defenses.

That’ s why this is the week - above any other - to let the offense flow through DeMarco Murray.

There’s a reason why he’s averaged 24.7 touches in the 10 games the Cowboys have won that he’s started over the past two season and 13.5 touches in the losses.

When the offense goes through Murray, regardless of whether the running game is being productive, then it gives the Cowboys a balance they lack any other time. When Murray is the epicenter of the offense, it makes it easier for Jason Witten to make big plays down the middle because linebackers are wary of him.

It makes Jason Garrett a better head coach because he’s not always looking for plays to convert third-and-10, and Tony Romo a better quarterback because he doesn’t have to throw the ball 40 times a game.

Just so you know, Romo is 3-14 since 2008, when he throws more than 40 passes in a game.

Understand, this is not just about running the ball with Murray. He’s an excellent receiver and getting him the ball 4-5 times on passes is equally effective.

The key is to keep Drew Brees’ offense off the field.

The more possessions the Cowboys give the Saints, the odds increase that Brees will pick apart a secondary that has numerous players who have been signed off the streets in the past month.