Cowboys not worried about cold temps

IRVING, Texas -- The Cowboys have been blessed, to a degree, with good weather all season, having not played in a game with the game-time temperature below 53 degrees.

They will not be as fortunate for Sunday’s de facto NFC East title game in Washington.

The high temperature in Landover, Md., is forecast to be 35 degrees with a low of 27. Given the late kickoff, figure on the low.

With cold temperatures forecast for Wednesday in Irving, the Cowboys will at least get a day to prepare.

“We’ll get out there and mix it up a little bit,” coach Jason Garrett said.

As for the trip to FedEx Field, the Cowboys will be ready for any weather.

“It starts with the guys back in the equipment room, making sure we get the right gloves and cleats,” Garrett said. “Making sure all the gear is right. We’ll tell guys to get out there early and get comfortable with what they’re wearing for the ballgame and just go. Ultimately, you don’t want your equipment to beat you. You want to make sure your equipment is right so you can focus on playing and coaching football.”