Cowboys weathering weather talk

IRVING, Texas – Temperatures around kickoff Sunday at FedEx Field will be in the low 30s.

Given how fickle the weather can be, let’s say that holds up. If so, then that would not make the game among the top-12 coldest in Cowboys’ history. This could be downright balmy compared to the Ice Bowl when the Cowboys lost the championship to Green Bay at Lambeau Field with a minus-13 degree temp at kickoff.

Calling this “The Somewhat Uncomfortably Cold Bowl,” just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

Somehow the weather has dominated the early talk, leading into Sunday’s NFC East title game between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins.

The Cowboys could not practice at their Valley Ranch complex on Wednesday because of the Christmas Day snow. Jason Garrett said the fields were covered in ice, so the session was moved to Cowboys Stadium.

Washington did not practice outside either, so call it a push.

“It would have been hard to clear it,” Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said. “You wouldn’t have gotten anything done.”

This isn’t to say the elements don’t make a difference in a game. They do, but it is more important for the Cowboys to get their work in on a Wednesday, which is the most important day of the week in terms of preparation, is more important than having players freeze for two hours outside so they can get used to what it feels like on Sunday night.

“It’s hard to say because a good, efficient practice is very important in this league,” linebacker Dan Connor said. “The field today was frozen over pretty good. I don’t know how much good work we would’ve gotten done. It is part of the game, playing in cold weather. We’re an indoor team, so it’ll be something where hopefully we can get outside tomorrow and later in the week and acclimate ourselves to it.”