Cowboys could look for practice partner

INDIANAPOLIS – If the Cowboys want to continue to practice against another team in training camp while in California, they might need to find a different opponent.

Last year the Cowboys practiced against San Diego after playing against the Chargers in the preseason, but Norv Turner was fired at season’s end and replaced by Mike McCoy. Jason Garrett’s relationship with Turner played a big part in the teams working together.

McCoy and Garrett have not talked about possibly practicing against each other.

“We’ll see,” McCoy said. “Right now we don’t have plans to do that. We’ve got our training camp schedule set up, but if something comes up down the road we’ll look at it and see if it might be best for our football team. We’re not going to close any doors right now.”

The Cowboys will hold training camp in Oxnard, Calif., for the second straight summer. In the past they have tailored their preseason schedule to open with two road games in order to maximize their time in good weather.

The preseason schedule normally gets set during the owners’ meetings in March.