Quarterback costs: Dallas Cowboys

Mike Sando passed this item along, and I thought you might find it interesting. It includes a chart that shows all 32 NFL teams ranked by how much salary cap room they have committed to the quarterback position in 2013. Here's where the Cowboys come in:

4. Dallas Cowboys ($19.6 million). This does not count the nearly $400,000 they saved Wednesday by restructuring the contract of backup Kyle Orton, but it does include a $16.8 million cap number for starter Tony Romo that can't be reduced unless the sides agree to an extension. They have had talks on this and continue to work on it, but as yet they have not reached the agreement that both sides ultimately hope will keep Romo in Dallas for the rest of his career. Once they do, this number is likely to drop.

To see where the rest of the NFC East teams rank, click here.