Camera creates draft room interest, drama

IRVING, Texas – One of the best parts of Thursday’s first-round was watching the Cowboys’ draft room camera.

When it got close to the Cowboys’ pick at No. 18, you could see the action pick up and phone calls being made. The best part was attempting to read the reactions – remember, there are no microphones – of those involved from Jerry and Stephen Jones to Jason Garrett to Tom Ciskowski and attempt to actually know what was going on. It would make for a great comedy skit in a way.

Let’s just say the body language of a few of the characters was not good as things went down. Do we know how it all went down? Who wanted whom? Who didn’t want whom? Not yet.

“I think we always have a stoic demeanor around here, don’t we,” Garrett said with tongue in cheek. “I don’t think we were overly concerned (about the draft room camera and body language).

“Sometimes you’re in the draft room and you’re not in control of anything and you’re just watching the draft and watching it like a fan. It’s not like we were moving to (No. 4). The math says there’s no way, so it’s interesting to see where teams go and certain guys move up for Tayvon Austin. (It’s) ‘Really, that’s interesting,’ and then there’s implications to that and now you say, ‘He’s here. This team wants this,’ and you play it out. Sometimes you’re right. Sometimes you’re not.”