DeMarcus Ware knocks the dust off

OXNARD, Calif. -- The last time DeMarcus Ware wore full pads was Dec. 30, 2012 in Landover, Md., when the Cowboys faced the Washington Redskins.

Tuesday afternoon, Ware had everything on in his first padded practice of training camp since that regular season finale against the Redskins. In the offseason, Ware underwent shoulder surgery and also rested a hyperextended elbow.

"It was good, it's sort of like knocking the dust off," Ware said of practicing in pads. "You're getting out there and seeing how your shoulder is going to hold up against putting the pads on in the real action. It did and I felt really good, and it's all about just getting out there and working your fundamentals and getting better every day."

There was some concern regarding Ware's availability for training camp during the recovery process from surgery, but in three days of practices, he's been fantastic. He picked sacks in the first two days of camp, but the streak ended Tuesday.

"I think it was just a buildup, there's always a buildup," Ware said of his first three days of camp. "No pads and putting the pads on and getting ready for the games, it's always (big), when you're getting out there it's proving a point."