Play of the day: DeMarcus Ware's amazing burst

OXNARD, Calif. -- If DeMarcus Ware didn’t shave his head, he might have a gray hair or two.

Ware is getting up there in years. He’ll celebrate his 31st birthday Wednesday.

But if you think Ware is slowing down, you’re a fool who hasn’t watched one second of the Cowboys’ training camp. Listed at 258 pounds as he makes the transition from outside linebacker to defensive end, Ware appears to be as explosive as ever.

“It’s not slowing down,” said Ware, whose 111 sacks are the most by any player since he entered the league in 2005. “The train is coming.”

Case in point: His stop of Dwayne Harris during Tuesday’s practice. It wasn’t a pass-rushing situation, but it was a display of ridiculous athleticism for a man Ware’s size.

It didn’t look like Ware had a great angle when Harris got the ball on an end-around. However, Ware didn’t let Harris turn the corner, sprinting out near the sideline to make the tackle for a loss.

Remember that Harris proved himself as an elite punt returner last season, ranking second in the NFL with a franchise-record 16.1 yards a pop. He’s a dynamic playmaker when he gets the ball in space. And he got run down by a defensive end who has shown no signs of slowing down.