B.W. Webb gets advice from Tony Romo

OXNARD, Calif. -- Cowboys rookie cornerback B.W. Webb had a long night in the second preseason game against the Oakland Raiders.

He muffed a punt, let a receiver get behind him on a pass play and missed a tackle.

Webb was a little down so he talked to veteran cornerback Brandon Carr and quarterback Tony Romo.

According to Webb, the chat with Romo was very good.

"His message was you have up and down games," Webb said. "He really told me you got to put that in the past and he basically told me he messes up sometimes and coaches jump him and he just wants to make plays."

Webb said he approached Romo for advice on bouncing back and said he wants to earn the starting quarterback's respect. Coach Jason Garrett is asking the veterans of the team to take on more of a leadership role in 2013. During training camp practices, you see defensive tackle Jason Hatcher encouraging young players and helping them when they struggle. Carr, a well-respected member of the locker room, does the same.

Secondary coach Jerome Henderson also talked to Webb about playing with more intensity regardless of whom he was facing across from him.

"I guess I thought about my bad plays too much," Webb said. "I didn't really put them behind me. In this league, you got to put those in your back pocket and keep going. I kinda dwell on those too much and it led to the punt and I dropped the punt. I just have to be able to put things behind me and get on with the game."