Cowboys made splash despite Shark Week

OXNARD, Calif. – It was a chilly 63 degrees during the Cowboys’ trip to the beach Wednesday, but that wasn’t why a lot of players didn’t want to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean.

“It’s Shark Week!” safety Barry Church said. “I wasn’t messing with that. I wasn’t touching the ocean.”

That wasn’t what head coach Jason Garrett was trying to hear.

“We talked about controlling what you can control,” Garrett said, jokingly using one of his go-to coaching phrases. “So get your ass in there.”

About half the team ended up in the water. The offensive line, in particular, had a heck of time splashing around and tossing a Frisbee. And rookie running back Joseph Randle succumbed to peer pressure and dove in head first, a scene Garrett was still laughing about the next day.

“He takes his shirt off and goes running in and, I swear to God, I think he thought it was a swimming pool,” Garrett said. “Because he got about three steps in, the water couldn’t have been more than 12 inches deep and he jumps in and goes, ‘Bang!’ It’s rocks, it’s sand, it ain’t deep. He plays it off and got going again, but I’m not so sure he knew what he was getting into.

“Typical Randle. ... I say that with affection.”