Tony Romo wants sack back

ARLINGTON, Texas -- On an otherwise exceptional night for the passing game, there is one play Tony Romo wants back.

Facing third-and-11 from the Bengals 34, Romo took a sack on a four-man pass rush by Cincinnati’s defense. The seven-yard loss took the Cowboys out of field goal range.

“He’s at the point as a quarterback where he has to get the ball out of his hands,” coach Jason Garrett said. “If there’s no options for him or there’s pressure there, he said it to me coming off the field that he can’t take a sack. He recognized what happened on the play and keeping that standard high for his performance with how he’s producing, but also how he handles situational football is important for us.”

Romo was sacked twice in the game. He also had what Garrett called two smart throwaways.

“For me, I think you’re always going to look at a play or two when the games over and that’s mine for sure,” Romo said of the second-quarter sack. “I’ve got to keep my team in field goal range there. As soon as I can decide, I get sacked. You get lost sometimes whether you’re at the 34 or the 38 but it’s a huge difference. I’m glad it came about in the preseason. You’re going to work on that and that will be another thing to make a part of your thought process in game situations.”