Jerry Jones responds to being called out

During a conference call regarding the NFL coming to terms on the concussion lawsuit with former players, Christopher Seeger, co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs, took some shots at Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who is one of five owners on the health committee.

"I think you all can assume that the NFL and the NFL owners are pretty tough individuals," Seeger said. "In fact, you've got one down in Texas who I would call a hard-ass. I think that's a fair characterization. These are not easy people to negotiate with, and these were contested, hard-fought battles. And I believe we got everything we could possibly get out of the NFL in this litigation."

Asked which owner he was talking about, Seeger said, "Oh, oh, oh, sorry I don't even know who the owner in Houston is, frankly. I hope I didn't offend him. I'm talking about the one in Dallas."

Jones declined to comment on being called a hard-ass by Seeger. But said he was pleased with the $765 million agreement.

"I'm glad (about) this money and the thing that motivated me the most is the money would principally go to the players and not to attorneys which so often happens when you have contracted litigation," Jones said Tuesday morning on KRLD-FM. "Contracted depositions, all of the things that go with that no matter how strong ones positions is or the other (position is) then some people that don’t really have anything coming get the money and that’s usually legal. Nothing against my legal friends, this was in this sense, this will go to players now and it will go to the right people.

The thing is I'd say 100 percent of our owners were for serious money going to players that had issues. I'm one of five who serves on our health committed as it relates to this ligation. And I know pretty (well) first hand, the background of where our information is, what clubs knew, what they knew, relative to the last 30 years (and) what they knew before that. I know there were no smoking guns."