Cole Beasley does fair Welker imitation

IRVING, Texas -- The comparisons never stop. Every small, white wide receiver will be compared to Denver Broncos wide out Wes Welker.

Danny Amendola heard it when he was with the Dallas Cowboys in 2008. Cole Beasley has heard it since he got to the Cowboys last year.

Beasley got to meet Welker for the first time after Sunday’s 51-48 loss to the Broncos.

“That was pretty sweet,” Beasley said. “He was a guy I always watched growing up when I realized I was going to play receiver. It was pretty cool meeting him. I thanked him for opening the door for guys like me.”

Beasley had a Welker-like game, catching four passes for 47 yards, including the first touchdown of his career, a 4-yarder in the fourth quarter that gave the Cowboys a 48-41 lead. Beasley looked Welker-like with his work in the slot.

Beasley has eight catches for 70 yards in the last three games and with the Cowboys using more empty-package looks he could be featured more, especially as Miles Austin recovers from a hamstring strain.

“I think Tony has faith in what I can do and he has since last year,” Beasley said. “You just keep getting better with each game and practice. I think we have some great weapons on this team. It creates opportunities for everyone to get involved. Tony did a great job (Sunday) of getting the ball to different people. I just have to take advantage of the opportunity when my number is called.”