AD doesn't think Bryant's outburst is a big deal

IRVING, Texas -- One of the biggest stories from last week is Dallas Cowboys' wide receiver Dez Bryant's two sideline outbursts during Sunday's loss to the Detroit Lions.

Several current and former NFL players have talked about whether or not Bryant was in the right to react the way he did.

"I really didn’t see anything too bad about it, outside of the Cowboys had lost in the last seconds and this is what they want to focus on now, because I’m sure if the Cowboys pulled that game off, we’re not talking about Dez Bryant and his reaction," Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson said on a conference call with reporters. "I (saw) an emotional player. I don’t know him like that. You hear stories, this, that and the other, OK, I don’t know. I see an emotional player out there trying to win and voicing his opinion. When you’re labeled a certain way people will sit there and make their assumptions and think what they want to think about it. It’s not that big of a deal for them to be on ESPN and NFL Network, harping on this guy and what happened on the sidelines. It’s just funny that if the Cowboys win that game, they’re not talking about that."

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten was also involved in a sideline spat with Bryant in the closing seconds of the loss. DeMarcus Ware grabbed Bryant by the jersey to calm him down.

Witten hugged Bryant in the locker room after the game and called him a little brother.

When asked is Bryant a feisty little brother, Witten smiled.

"It’s not feisty in a bad way," Witten said. "He loves football. To me, that’s the greatest compliment you can ever give a player that every time they get an opportunity to go play, they take advantage of it. That’s him. You love to have him on your team."