Ware jokes about Jerry's sideline time

IRVING, Texas -- With Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones saying he might need to spend more time on the sidelines, defensive end DeMarcus Ware joked that he doesn't.

"Really?" Ware said while laughing. "Leave him over there. We got Dez with his passion, we don't need two passionate [people]. Everybody stay where it's at and we'll be alright."

Of course, Jones was a fixture on the Cowboys' sidelines in the second half of games until Bill Parcells took over in 2003. Jones has made spot appearances along the sidelines for various reasons.

But with wide receiver Dez Bryant going off on the sidelines, it showed Jones something he wanted to see from his team: passion.

"I used to spend my time on the sideline and probably need to spend some more down there," Jones said on KRLD-FM Tuesday. "But the bottom line is one of the reasons I'm trying to see and get a feel for is where’s the passion? Where’s the energy? What’s the situation with the team?"