New Dallas defensive end is a smoothie

IRVING, Texas -- Newly signed defensive end Everett Brown was working out and getting his side business ready when the Dallas Cowboys called to sign him as a free agent this week.

Brown was in Charlotte getting ready to open up a Tropical Smoothie Cafe which has stores nationwide, including some in Austin, Texas.

"Worked out every day lifting weights and stayed prayed up," Brown said. "I opened up a franchise two and half weeks ago and had a chance to be a little bit hands on there and see some progress. It helped me stay busy during the day, which was good. I started to get down on myself because I'm not playing football, but I kept football a priority."

The Cowboys, in need of defensive linemen, worked Brown out on Monday because he fits the 4-3 scheme. He's a pass-rusher who hustles, something defensive line coach Rod Marinelli wants to see.

"I feel like the scheme fits me well," Brown said. "The things I'm asked to do here is what I do well. I'm using my speed, quickness and my ability to get after the quarterback and get sacks. The job description is simple and that makes it easier to get out there and play full speed and not over think it."