10 offseason questions: Letting Callahan go

The Dallas Cowboys have major decisions to handle regarding their franchise this offseason. Todd Archer and Calvin Watkins, along with some guests, answer some of biggest issues for the Cowboys this week.

Should the Cowboys let Bill Callahan go?

Calvin Watkins: Of course they should let him work elsewhere. Why let a man work for you when he doesn’t want to be here. The Cowboys demoted Callahan, taking away play-calling duties, and leaving him with a 'offensive coordinator' title when in reality they want him to remain the offensive line coach. Callahan did a fantastic job with the line in 2013 and worked with a timing-based offense he wasn’t quite familiar with. He did have his mistakes and worked with Jason Garrett and Jerry Jones looking over his shoulder. Now, the Cowboys replaced him with Scott Linehan, a good friend of Garrett’s, and have asked him to be professional. Callahan will be a pro, he’s not going to give up a high salary on principle. The working dynamics inside the coaches' offices will be interesting to examine during the season considering Callahan’s displeasure in how he lost some of his duties. He’s a proud man and while yes he’s a good coach, it doesn’t make sense to keep him on the staff when he doesn’t want to be with the Cowboys.

Todd Archer: In a word, yes. And I’m not talking about being fair to Callahan. I’m talking about being fair to Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan. Look, I didn’t think he should have called plays in 2013. He was not familiar with the passing game and I think we saw a passing game that did not click as well as it had in the past. Is that all on Callahan? No, but he was the guy calling the plays. Now Callahan is upset he is no longer calling plays. The Cowboys did not allow him to interview elsewhere when the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns came calling. Now they are inviting a potentially combustible situation on the coaching staff. I’ve made reference to the Tony Sparano situation in 2006 on the blog. Back then, the Cowboys did not have a replacement for Sparano, so they didn’t let him go with Sean Payton to the New Orleans Saints. Plus, they let him call the plays. Now Callahan is back to being the offensive line coach with an offensive coordinator title that means very little. When we get to speak with Jerry Jones again, this will be one of the first questions from me.