Rookies out to earn star

IRVING, Texas -- As has been the case since Jason Garrett took over as Dallas Cowboys head coach, the rookies have to earn the star on their helmets.

When Ben Gardner arrived at Stanford, the "S" was on the side of his helmet. When the defensive end arrived on Monday, his helmet did not have a star.

“You understand when you come into this locker room you’ve got earn it,” Gardner said. “The star is a little bit different. It’s one of those things that almost gives you chills at first. I’m happy to work for it and excited to earn it and one day put it on our helmets.”

At the pre-rookie minicamp meeting, Garrett told the player of the value of the star.

“You’ve got to earn your star,” first-round pick Zack Martin said. “We realize we’re rookies and at the bottom of the table. We’ve got a ways to go and we’re willing to work for it.”