NFL to meet with Cowboys in training camp

In the wake of the Miami Dolphins' harassment scandal last season, NFL officials are meeting with Dallas Cowboys players and team officials about workplace conduct.

The NFL will visit the team when they get to training camp in Oxnard, California, in late July.

"I think it’s fabulous," Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said. "I think everybody can get better. We have to be better. Any time you have incidents, whether it's A club, B club. or C club, it may be going on and everyone needs to look inside their walls and make sure things are being done properly. I think the players certainly understand that and we have to get better. The incidents that have happened are one too many. If we don’t take that attitude as a league, which I give the league a lot of credit, they are really pushing this. Troy Vincent (NFL's director of football operations) has stepped in and is doing a fabulous job already of making a difference. I know our guys completely buy in to what they want to do and we have to get better. We have to be preventative and do the right thing."

The Cowboys, like most clubs, have rookie hazing, which often includes players having to buy the veterans a dinner before the season starts or singing their school song before a meeting. In the past, offensive linemen had to get their hair shaved off or be given a crazy haircut.

Some rookies have to carry the shoulder pads of veterans, but that's been curtailed the past few seasons with the Cowboys after the controversy surrounding Dez Bryant's refusal to carry Roy Williams' pads during his rookie year.