Five questions with: Travis Frederick

IRVING, Texas -- With the players entering the downtime of the offseason, we offer up a Five Questions segment.

Today's subject is Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick.

The Cowboys made Frederick their first-round pick in 2013, and he started every game at center. He was viewed as a surprise pick by many, but he solidified the offensive line.

What is your first football memory?

Frederick: Watching football with my parents. My dad was a big Chicago Bears fan growing up. My grandpa has had season tickets forever, so going to Bears games and watching Bears games with the family.

If you could play any other position, what would it be?

Frederick: That's a great question. Probably defensive line. Not that I can claim to be any good at defensive line, but I think it would be similar attributes that you would need. Mean and strong. Short. You can be shorter. I'm the shortest offensive lineman. You can be shorter on defense.

If you were the NFL commissioner for a day, what rule would you change?

Frederick: That you can't cut going backwards toward your own end zone. On a screen or if a guy is coming back up the field, you can't cut. It's a safety thing. I understand why they did it. I'm not bashing them. I don't want to say anything negative, but in college we could do it and that was one of my favorite things to do.

Who is the non-Cowboy you respect the most in football?

Frederick: I would say my old offensive line coach, Bob Bostad, who coaches for Tennessee now. He coached me at Wisconsin, just kind of taught me and turned me into a player. Everybody has that person that believed in them and he was the guy that believed in me and gave me a chance to play at Wisconsin and kind of molded me into the payer I am.

If you weren't playing football, what would you be doing?

Frederick: I'd probably be doing IT work or computer engineering somewhere, some place and sitting in a cubicle.