Witten: Great to see Dez control passion

OXNARD, Calif. -- Tight end Jason Witten has had an up-close-and-personal view of receiver Dez Bryant's passion getting the best of him.

That’s why Witten was so encouraged by Bryant’s dominant performance during Sunday’s practice.

Bryant’s temper flared for good reason when safety J.J. Wilcox laid him out with an admitted cheap shot, leading to a fight between those two that owner and general manager Jerry Jones called one of the best training-camp scraps he’s ever seen.

A few plays later, Bryant scored a touchdown on a back-shoulder fade before making peace with Wilcox, telling the safety to keep the fire coming. Bryant kept the big plays coming for the rest of the practice, which Witten saw as a significant step in the 25-year-old Pro Bowler’s development.

“Dez just put the team on his back and really showed what kind of player he is,” Witten said. “We’ve seen him have that type of passion and then not be able to control it. I thought he did a great job of coming back and controlling it and just kicking the guys’ tail again and then doing it again and again and again. I thought that was really encouraging just to see him and how he’s developed as a player and a person.”

The Dallas Cowboys love Bryant’s passion, but it’s been a challenge to get him to consistently channel it properly. He proved Sunday that he’s capable of re-focusing after his emotions flare.