Jerry: Romo has been highlight of camp

OXNARD, Calif. -- Some might consider it concerning that the franchise quarterback who has had a couple of back surgeries in the last year and a half never practiced three straight days during training camp.

Not Jerry Jones.

Jones has consistently downplayed the discussion about Tony Romo’s health. And Jones says he’s giddy about what he saw from Tony Romo during training camp -- on the practice field when he participated and in the meeting rooms.

“I’d say my highlight for the camp is Romo and how Romo has evolved and how he’s managed himself relative to his back, and then how he has worked with [new offensive play-caller Scott] Linehan,” Jones said. “That combination is something that’s really is showing up out there, but it’s really hard to get the real nuances of unless you’re right in the room with them. But, boy, it’s good, and I think it’s going to really help our team.”