Roy Williams cherishes beating Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- The Lions would love to win Sunday.

OK, so the Lions would love to win any Sunday. Especially away from home. After all, they’ve lost an NFL-record 25 consecutive road games.

But beating the Cowboys would really be special, according to Dallas receiver Roy Williams, who speaks from experience. He’s still gloating about the Lions walking out of Texas Stadium with a win in December 2006.

“Oh, that was No. 1, that was No. 1,” Williams said when asked where that day ranked among his favorites from his NFL career. And then Williams, who caught six passes for 104 yards and two touchdowns, went into vivid detail about the day.

“Toasted Aaron Glenn on the corner route,” Williams said with a big smile. “I should have had 200 yards. I beat Terence Newman on a go route, [Jon] Kitna put it out there a little bit too far. Maybe I should dove for it, but I wanted to just catch it and keep running. Hit Terence Newman on the sideline with a forearm, made him fall down; that felt good.

“It was the most memorable game for me, especially being here at home, putting the horns up down here where people understand what that means. When you do it up north, they don't. But it was probably my best memorable game that I can remember.”

Williams doesn’t seem quite so excited to be facing his former team.

“Anything special?” Williams said. “Nah, I'm going to get my two or three looks a game, make the most of them, and hopefully one of them is a touchdown and I can say, ‘Yeah.’ That's all I can do is just say, ‘Yeah.’”