Garrett will run a physical training camp

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Jason Garrett did not want to get into the Cowboys’ multi-state training camp tour they had last summer on Thursday, but he said he will run a physical camp wherever it takes place in 2011.

On most Wednesdays in his time as the interim coach he had the players in full pads for practice, which was a rarity under Wade Phillips.

“You have to practice being physical in order to be physical on Sunday afternoons,” Garret said, “so we’ll practice that way and continue to do that.”

Phillips' camps were often called soft, but that was something of a misnomer. Most teams in the NFL do not have full tackling drills anymore. Phillips, however, cut way back on how the Cowboys practiced this summer in Oxnard, Calif., when he had the players in jerseys and caps a number of times.

Depending on the results of the new collective bargaining agreement, there could be limits in the off-season work teams have and how teams practice in training camp.

“I believe you have to earn it in training camp,” Garrett said. “I was fortunate to be around teams that earned it in training camp. You go to work and you lay the foundation of your football team in training camp. It’ll be a physical camp, a demanding camp. We’re going to practice and we’re going to practice hard, and when we come out of it we’re going to feel like we’re ready to embark on the challenge of a 16-game season. Our players will understand that and they’ll feel god about it.”