Dallas Cowboys: Adrien Hamilton

IRVING, Texas -- Rookies and selected veterans had their last chance to impress Saturday as the minicamp came to an end, and here are some lasting impressions from both practices:

** Each year it seems the focus of the Cowboys’ defense is to create more turnovers and it has not happened nearly enough. If possible, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is even more committed to the cause. He was constantly reminding the defense to force a fumble or pick off a pass. He got his wish on the first play of team run in the afternoon when Darrell Scott put the ball on the ground on a run up the middle.

** Rookie free-agent linebacker Adrian Hamilton, a Dallas Carter grad, opened up a lot of eyes. He had a would-be sack coming off the edge and then pressured quarterback Nathan Dick into running to his right before throwing the ball away. In the morning practice, he also displayed the ability to drop in coverage to get in the throwing lane on a slant to Cole Beasley for a deflection.

** Wide receiver Saalim Hakim had a rough afternoon, dropping two passes in on-air drills. In the morning, Hakim was slow to get up after he was pushed in the air by cornerback Isaac Madison. The referees called pass interference on the play.

** North Texas running back Lance Dunbar and Scott showed some quick feet without many holes to get through. Dunbar’s quick change of direction hurt a defense that overpursued on a run to the right, while Scott used a spin move to create space on his best run of camp.

** Rookie free-agent tackle Jeff Adams struggled with Tyrone Crawford’s power on a pass rush, allowing the third-round pick to push him back in the pocket. But on the next play, Adams got his hands on Crawford first and was able to hold his ground.

** Wide receiver David Little, who was in camp on a tryout basis, made a nice adjustment on a deep pass from Dick down the sideline, turning his body in mid-air to come down with a throw to his outside shoulder.

** Secondary coach Jerome Henderson is going to be fun to watch. He is active at practice and instructive. At one point, he told the secondary that they never should catch a ball with their pinkies together. He wants them to catch the ball with their thumbs together because that means they are getting the ball at the highest point and not allowing the wide receiver to make a play on the ball.

** Wide receiver Donavon Kemp (hamstring) and tight end Andrew Szczerba did not practice Saturday.

Rookie observations: Kyle Wilber quick

May, 4, 2012
IRVING, Texas -- Making instant evaluations off two rookie minicamp practices can be dangerous to a person’s health, but here are some observations from the Cowboys sessions Friday:

** Kyle Wilber is active. That’s what the Cowboys thought they were getting in the Wake Forest linebacker. He has a quick first step off the ball and was able to track down running back Darrell Scott from behind in the morning practice.

** Defensive end Tyrone Crawford had a would-be sack of Nathan Dick in the first workout thanks to being unblocked, but he was able to get up the field in more competitive situations.

** Linebacker Caleb McSurdy was able to knock away a Larry Smith pass to tight end James Hanna but on the next play was not as fortunate, with Hanna getting a step on him on an out cut.

** Troy Woolfolk is listed as a cornerback but he played safety Friday. He intercepted a pass that was tipped by linebacker Adrian Hamilton. On the next play Wilber deflected a pass that Lionel Smith intercepted.

** It was difficult to get a read on the wide receivers and tight ends because the timing of the passing game was a mess.

**Tight end Andrew Szczerba made a nice one-handed grab down the middle of the field in the morning practice but was unable to finish the session because of an injury. He practiced in the afternoon. Wide receiver Donavon Kemp sat out of the afternoon workout.

** Cornerback Isaac Madison made a nice breakup of a deep ball from Smith to Cole Beasley.

** Like he did at training camp and all through last season, Jason Garrett had officials at practice. At different times flags were flying, including a handful for lining up offside.