Dallas Cowboys: Antonio Margarito

Jerry Jones hears boos at fight weigh-in

November, 12, 2010
Maybe it had to do with the person with whom he was standing, but Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones heard a spattering of boos as he was presented with a boxing award Friday at the weigh-in for the Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito super welterweight fight.

WBC president Jose Sulaiman presented Jones with the WBC Man of the Year trophy prior to the weigh-in at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, where a few boos could be heard.

Sulaiman himself has been a controversial figure for over a decade as the head of the governing body. But Jones might have been booed for his team's poor play, which resulted in the firing of coach Wade Phillips after a 1-7 start.

The Cowboys, who trying to break a five-game losing streak, visit the New York Giants on Sunday afternoon.

Jones has kept a low profile this week after firing Phillips. He was seen at Cowboys practice Wednesday during the media access period before Friday's weigh-in.

"I thought it was better for our club to have the perception that we had our mind on our primary business, and that's the Dallas Cowboys," Jones said. “As much as we're excited about having Manny here with the Margarito fight and the stadium and boxing, I felt that a lower profile would serve that well."

The Cowboys owner and general manager said on his weekly radio show Friday that he was contacted by former coaches asking about Phillips' job status before the coach's dismissal.

Jones said he doesn't want to distract from how Jason Garrett is handling the team and is trying to offer his interim coach support.

"What I don’t want to do is take away anything we're doing over the next couple of days and the next couple of ballgames with the opportunity we have with Jason," Jones said. "It would be wrong to imply that we're sitting here looking at coaches. We've made our moves."

Jerry Jones waits on Antonio Margarito

August, 17, 2010
OXNARD, Calif. -- On Wednesday, boxer Antonio Margarito will head to Sacramento to meet with the California State Athletic Commission attempting to get his boxing license.

Margarito lost the license after officials discovered plaster inserts inside his hand wraps before a January 2009 fight vs. Shane Mosley.

Margarito was suspended one-year for cheating and has claimed he knew nothing about the plaster inserts. He has fought only once since the suspension ended, in Mexico, and a decision to license him in Nevada was tabled recently because that commission wanted to see what California would do.

Jerry Jones is a patient man and he's hoping Margarito can get licensed in California so he can bring him to Texas and fight Manny Pacquiao at Cowboys Stadium on Nov. 13.

"We are well aware of the sanctions and what needs to be done to have the fight," Jones said. "I think that’s a date that fits us real good and one that fits the fighters."

If Margarito gets his license, he most likely applies for a license in Texas on Thursday. Once he does that it normally takes close to 10 days to finalize the application. Should California deny Margarito a license, he can still apply for a license in Texas. However, the executives of the Texas Department of Licensing would review his application.

A few years ago, it did the same thing when Mike Tyson applied for a license to fight in Texas and was denied.

The Cowboys want Margarito to fight Pacquiao and not Miguel Cotto, who was another possible opponent, because of the possibility that many Mexican-American fight fans would attend.

"I don’t have to speculate," Jones said. "Having Manny Pacquiao back in that stadium is a huge incentive to be involved."

The first fight at Cowboys Stadium in March drew over 50,000 fans. Margarito showed up for that bout and was booed at the weigh-in by fans the day before. Many have not forgiven Margarito for cheating in the ring. Or rather, getting caught cheating.

Of course the best fight to have is Floyd Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, but that bout is headed to Las Vegas, whenever it happens.

For now, we have Margarito vs. Pacquaio.

Pacquiao reserves dates at JerryWorld

May, 12, 2010
Manny Pacquiao, who defeated Joshua Clottey at Cowboys Stadium in March, will return to the ring in November and is again considering Cowboys Stadium as the site, his aide told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Michael Koncz, Pacquiao's chief financial adviser, said that two dates -- Nov. 6 and Nov. 13 -- have been set aside for the fight at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The Cowboys are on the road on Nov. 7 and Nov. 14.

Koncz said that no opponent has been selected yet, amid speculation it could be Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Antonio Margarito. Koncz said Pacquiao could also fight whoever wins the June 4 bout between Yuri Foreman and Miguel Cotto, whom Pacquiao defeated in November.

"There is no named opponent yet, but that is certainly when we will fight," said Koncz, who added that the "television date and the venue are the two most important things" in setting up a fight, even before an opponent is identified.