Bill Callahan has familiarity with Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- When Bill Callahan begins in earnest the breakdown of the Cowboys’ of the offensive line and offense in general, the new coordinator/line coach will not be seeing things for the first time.

The Cowboys opened the 2011 season at the New York Jets and as the season wore on Callahan, the Jets’ assistant head coach/line coach, kept seeing the Cowboys’ offense come up when he was preparing to play New England, Buffalo and Miami. He said the Jets used some of what they saw the Cowboys use against their AFC East rivals.

“Relative to game planning, that’s natural,” said Callahan, who added some of the language Jason Garrett uses in his offense is “almost identical” to what he has used in the past. “Coaches across the league, that’s the essence of studying film, trying to gather information and see similar ideas and techniques that may be useful for your game plan. So I don’t think that’s out of the realm. I don’t think it’s any different than what anybody else does, but we all borrow from each other and if you have to steal a play, you steal a play, right? If it’s more than two we call it research.”

Callahan was able to see Tony Romo on film and watch how Garrett used running backs Felix Jones and DeMarco Murray, wide receivers Miles Austin and Dez Bryant and tight end Jason Witten.

“This team has a lot of ingredients that can make this team great,” Callahan said, adding, “That’s the exciting aspect of this job; all the skill pieces in place. You’re always trying to get better. Now it’s a matter of shoring up the offensive line.”