Dallas Cowboys: Jimmy Clausen

Total QBR: RG3 great, but not 'perfect'

November, 19, 2012
Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III earned a perfect score of 158.3 in Sunday's victory on the traditional NFL passer rating scale. He's the fourth quarterback in the last five years to do that in a game. Yet his Total QBR -- the stat that measures a quarterback's contribution to his team's chances of winning on a scale from 0-100 -- was 93.7. Obviously an excellent score, but the lowest among the four perfect-passer-rating games of the last half-decade.

The reason, according to the folks at ESPN Stats & Information who administer the Total QBR stat, is Griffin's fumble late in the first half with the Redskins leading just 14-3. Washington recovered the fumble, so there was no harm done, but the fact of the fumble with the game still in doubt does damage to the player's QBR. That play dropped Griffin's from 99.7 to 93.5 at that moment. None of the other guys -- Tom Brady in 2010, Drew Brees in 2009 or Kurt Warner in 2008 -- fumbled in their perfect-passer-rating games.

For the week, Griffin's Total QBR ranks third so far in the NFL behind those of only the Saints' Brees and the Patriots' Brady. For the season to date, Griffin's Total QBR of 70.7 ranks eighth in the league.

Some other NFC East-related Total QBR notes from Sunday:

The Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo had a total QBR of 19.5 in the first half Sunday against the Browns, but he had a Total QBR of 78.0 in the second half and overtime as the Cowboys came back to win.

The Philadelphia Eagles' Nick Foles posted a Total QBR of 7.2 on Sunday in Washington in the first NFL start of his career. That's the fourth-lowest by a rookie in his starting debut over the last five years, trailing only the debuts of Brandon Weeden, Ryan Tannehill and Jimmy Clausen. It's also worse than any game Michael Vick played over that same time span.

If you want a high Total QBR these days, you want to be playing quarterback against the Eagles' defense. Through the first six games of the season, opposing quarterbacks had a Total QBR of 28.2 against Philadelphia. But in the four games since the Eagles fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo and replaced him with Todd Bowles, opponents have a league-high Total QBR of 87.1 to go with a staggering 78.4 completion percentage, 9.4 yards per pass attempt, 11 touchdown passes and no interceptions.

Sliding Irish QB to help Cowboys again?

March, 31, 2010
Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn's slide was the best thing that could have happened to the Cowboys in the 2007 draft.

The Cowboys might be able to benefit from another Notre Dame QB's draft-day slide this year. There is speculation that Jimmy Clausen, widely considered the the second-best quarterback in the draft, could fall all the way to the second round if he isn't picked in the top half of the first round.

That could result in the Cowboys having several options when they go on the clock with the 27th overall pick. Stay put and draft the best available non-quarterback, or take an offer from a team trying to move up for Clausen.

Jerry Jones and Co. convinced the Cleveland Browns to give up a high second-rounder and '08 first-rounder for the right to pick Quinn with the 22nd overall pick. Dallas parlayed those picks into a pair of players who appear to be rising stars: OLB Anthony Spencer and RB Felix Jones.

Could the Cowboys get a similar deal if Clausen tries? You can count on Jones at least working the phones if that's the case.

The Cowboys strongly considered drafting Quinn, who was the No. 8 player on their draft board. Jones has declared that he has no intention to draft a quarterback this season, especially in the first round. But a QB could still be the key to their draft.video