Dallas Cowboys: Mike Holmgren

Source: Mike Holmgren would consider Cowboys

November, 18, 2012

Outgoing Browns president Mike Holmgren last week refuted reports about his interest in the Cowboys coaching job, should it come open, going into the Browns press room to say he had made no decisions about his future.

But a source told ESPN's Ed Werder the Cowboys job is the only one that could prompt the Super Bowl-winning coach to consider a return to the sideline. The source said Holmgren believes the Cowboys have the talent to win a Super Bowl -- current record notwithstanding.
There was a report over the weekend that had former NFL coach Mike Holmgren interested in the Dallas Cowboys job should it become vacant.

Jason Garrett is the current coach, and it doesn't appear he's going anywhere. Holmgren, who has a close relationship with Jerry Jones, denied Monday that he was interested in a job that's not even available.

Jones was asked about Holmgren on Tuesday during his twice-weekly radio show on KRLD-FM.

"I won't and can't get into that kind of conversation because of how fired up I am about the future of Jason," Jones said. "The future is now, but also I am fired up about him and what he can be coaching the Dallas Cowboys. Mike Holmgren ... I can't tell you on a individual basis how much I respect him. He's everything you would want as far as a coach is concerned and I appreciate, it was a compliment, when he was talking about how he was impressed with our talent and the fact that we could work together. And that's just the case. But make no mistake about it. And Mike doesn't need me to say what a great guy he is. Our fans probably need to hear he's a great guy. Bottom line, it's all about Jason with me."

A lost play in playoff loss to Seattle

September, 13, 2012
IRVING, Texas -- Lost in the Cowboys’ 21-20 loss to Seattle in the wild-card round of the 2006 playoffs because of Tony Romo’s bobbled snap was a play that could have sealed a Dallas victory without a field goal try.

With 1:19 to play, Jason Witten was ruled to have made a 7-yard catch to the Seattle 1 on third down from Romo that would have given the Cowboys a first down. Seattle was forced to use its final timeout and the Cowboys could have run down the clock or scored an easy touchdown.

Remember, Mike Holmgren was Green Bay’s coach in the Super Bowl against Denver, he purposely (and wisely) let the Broncos score to give the Packers a final chanced, so he probably would have allowed the Cowboys to score a touchdown in that situation, too.

Instead, replay official Dale Hamer called for a review of the spot of Witten’s catch and official Walter Anderson changed Witten’s catch to 6 yards, forcing fourth down. We know the rest of the story.

Was the replay conclusive?

“I thought it was questionable,” Witten said. “I thought the first down was there. That is something you think a lot about when you got six months to hash it up. I just think you automatically assume we’ll be back. We will be better because of it. I think that is the mindset I took from that. Hey, inches matter. Inches matter in this league.”

Seattle news isn't good for anti-Wade crowd

December, 3, 2009
If you want Wade Phillips out at Valley Ranch, you ought to be concerned about today's news in Seattle.

Seattle Seahawks general manager Tim Ruskell is resigning, ESPN.com's Mike Sando reports.

What does that have to do with the Cowboys? Ex-Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren is considered the favorite to replace Ruskell.

Holmgren, of course, would have been on Jerry Jones' short list to replace Phillips. Ex-Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher is a long shot at best, because it's unlikely that he would be willing to give Jones the control the NFL's most visible owner demands.

That leaves ex-Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan as the most likely candidate. But Shanahan, whose offensive scheme requires quick linemen instead of the big, mauling types employed by the Cowboys, could be the top candidate for a few openings, including the Washington Redskins and Houston Texans. Would Jones be willing to win a bidding war for him?

Holmgren would have been the best fit to follow Phillips. However, it appears unlikely that he will be available.