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July, 24, 2014
Jul 24
Welcome to Dallas Cowboys training camp! ESPN.com Cowboys reporters Todd Archer and Tim MacMahon have live updates and the latest news from Oxnard, California.

Most Beloved: Dirk Nowitzki vs. Emmitt Smith

March, 23, 2012
The Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki finds himself back in the finals.

With your votes, the NBA Finals MVP and No. 6 seed has made his way past "Mr. Cowboy" Bob Lilly (82 percent to 18 percent), Tom Landry (51-49) and finally top-seeded Roger Staubach (57-43) to reach the final of our Metroplex Most Beloved bracket.

Dirk will face off against Emmitt Smith, who won by the slimmest of margins against fellow "Triplet" member Troy Aikman.

Smith, the No. 2 seed, cruised by Mark Cuban and Mike Modano before edging Aikman by a mere 101 votes (7,192-7,091).

Polls remain open until Monday night, when we'll reveal the champion.

Choose wisely by voting here through Monday, and join the discussion afterward.

Most Beloved: Will Dirk upset Roger Staubach?

March, 22, 2012
Could one championship lead to another for the Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki?

With your votes, the NBA Finals MVP is marching through our Metroplex Most Beloved bracket. In the first round, sixth-seeded Dirk crushed "Mr. Cowboy" Bob Lilly, a 10 seed, by an 82 percent-to-18 percent margin.

The momentum carried into the semifinals, where Nowitzki stunned legendary Cowboys coach Tom Landry -- the No. 4 seed -- by a mere 119 total votes out of almost 11,000 votes cast.

And now he finds himself in our Final Four against yet another Cowboys icon -- top-seeded Roger Staubach. Polls remain open until Thursday at midnight, when we'll reveal our championship matchup.

The other semifinal boast two-thirds of the Cowboys' famed "Triplets" -- with quarterback Troy Aikman, the third seed, squaring off against running back Emmitt Smith, the No. 2 seed.

Choose wisely by voting here through Thursday. And join the discussion afterward.