Dallas Cowboys: NFL owners meetings

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- What we learned (or didn't) after the Cowboys have departed the NFL owner's meetings:

Deion Sanders says that Jason Garrett is not the reason the Cowboys didn't make the playoffs. Deion says that the biggest need for the Cowboys is a solid pass rush.

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1. With the postseason overtime rules moving to the regular season, the Cowboys had two games -- at San Francisco and at Washington -- where field goals wouldn't have won the game. The Cowboys got a game-winning field goal of 19 yards from Dan Bailey to beat the 49ers, and Bailey made a 39-yarder at Washington. Who knows how Jason Garrett would have managed the game if these new OT rules were in place ...

2. It seems the Cowboys want to draft defense with the 14th pick of the first round. Jerry Jones hinted that drafting a cornerback isn't out of the question, and that's a good thing. The Cowboys have weapons on offense -- Miles Austin, Jason Witten, Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray, Felix Jones and a stud tackle in Tyron Smith. Fixing the defense is very important to this team, especially in the secondary.

3. Jerry Jones isn't sure what Bill Parcells is going to do, but he has a feeling the old coach will return. Parcells retired from coaching after the 2006 season. He was tired. He felt the Cowboys were good enough to beat Seattle -- which they didn't -- but that they also could have went to Chicago and won the divisional round game. The way the Cowboys lost, with Tony Romo fumbling a potential game-winning field goal vs. the Seahawks, took a lot out of him. If Parcells had lasted one more season -- Wade Phillips took over in 2007 -- maybe the Cowboys would've won a playoff game.

Cowboys vote yes for rules changes

March, 22, 2011
NEW ORLEANS -- The NFL owners voted to change kickoffs and instant replay for the 2011 season, whenever it starts.

Coop and Nate break down all the NFL rule changes. How does this impact David Buehler?

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The new rules moves kickoffs from the 30 to the 35-yard line, and a rule to have the booth replay official review all scoring plays also passed. Four of the five proposals up for vote passed, and the Cowboys voted yes for all of them.

The biggest change is the kickoff rules, which were tweaked from the original proposal released Monday.

The coaches told the competition committee to allow return teams to have a two-man wedge, something that was proposed for a change. Also, touchbacks could have moved to the 25, but will stay at the 20.

The other change was adjusting the running starts for the coverage teams before the kickoff. Under the old rules, coverage players got a 10- to 15-yard head start before a kickoff. The new rule has coverage players getting a 5-yard running start.

"At the end of the day, our head coaches in this league are tremendous resources," said Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones, who is also on the competition committee. "They have great input, and the input we got from them on the floor [Monday] was valuable. Some of the recommendations that we ultimately came around to were things we felt like were legitimate and we were able to get it passed and accomplish what we wanted to accomplish as a committee and a league."

NFL owners meetings start today

March, 21, 2011
NEW ORLEANS -- For the next two days the NFL owners will gather here at the Roosevelt Hotel for their annual meetings.

Of course one of the main topics of discussion will be the labor situation. After nearly two weeks of mediation the players and the owners failed to come to an agreement. The players union decertified and became a trade organization and the owners locked out the players. Yet there is a hearing on April 6 that the players hope will end the lockout.

Several players have asked to speak directly to the owner's labor committee, which Jerry Jones is apart of, but those talks haven't come close to starting.

Also on the agenda, the Competition Committee will talk about several rules changes.

1. Kickoffs would be moved up from the 30-yard line to the 35.

2. No member of the kicking team would be allowed to line up more than 5 yards back from the kickoff line to prevent sprinting starts at the kickoff.

3. Touchbacks would be moved to the 25-yard line instead of the 20 where it has been traditionally.

4. Kickoffs out of bounds would be a 25-yard penalty instead of 30, still placing the ball at the 40 to start a drive for that penalty.

5. Wedges would be eliminated on kickoff returns, including the two-man wedge. The NFL outlawed three-man wedges last season

Stephen Jones, the Cowboys executive vice president, is on the competition committee and it will be interesting to see how the Cowboys vote here. It would see if the kickoff rules are implemented the need for a kicker with a strong leg wouldn't be necessary. David Buehler the Cowboys' current kicker, led the NFL in touchbacks in 2009 but he'll be in a battle with Kris Brown this summer for kicker position.

There was a thought the team would keep two kickers, Buehler because of his strong leg to attempt long field goals and of course kickoff. Brown it would appear is a more reliable kicker, but doesn't have the leg Buehler does. If the rules are changed it might be easier to keep Brown over Buehler. However, it seems the team will let Buehler and Brown battle for the job and only keep one kicker.

All the NFL coaches will speak with reporters starting at 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning so we'll get to listen to Jason Garrett's thoughts on the lockout and on fourth-string cornerback Bryan McCann's arrest early Saturday morning for public intoxication. McCann denies he was drunk and believes he will be cleared of the charges.

What's your questions for Jerry and Wade?

March, 22, 2010
ORLANDO -- Over the next three days, we expect to speak with Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones about the state of the Cowboys.

Matt Mosley, our NFC East blogger who is here at the NFL owner's meetings, will speak with every rep of the division.

So we want to hear from you, our dear readers. What type of questions would you like for us to ask Jerry Jones and Wade Phillips?

We'll get you started:

For owner/general manager Jerry Jones
1. Do you expect to have training camp this year in San Antonio and Oxnard, Calif.?
2. What are your plans for the draft?
3. Is Flozell Adams' status with the club in doubt?
4. Are you still going to be patient in free agency?
5. How confident are you in Marion Barber's ability to play without getting hurt?

For head coach Wade Phillips
1. Are you going to change the defensive scheme much in 2010?
2. Do you think Roy Williams can play better?
3. What's the biggest need for the team in the draft?
4. How can you get Ken Hamlin to play better in 2010?
5. Are the Cowboys a Super Bowl contender?