Dallas Cowboys: Rafael Septien

Ho hum, Dan Bailey with another winner

November, 24, 2013
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Officially, the wind at kickoff was listed as 6 mph on Sunday. It seemed a lot more than that, and it was swirling inside MetLife Stadium.

But Dan Bailey was able to knock home a 35-yard field goal to give the Dallas Cowboys a 24-21 victory against the New York Giants.

“It died down a little bit [later in the game], but it was still there -- still a factor, I guess you could say,” Bailey said. “I felt like we had a pretty good read on it going from different directions, so you just kind of had to make the best of it.”

Bailey appeared to go through a more involved pregame warm-up, but he tried not to overthink the wind.

“For me, it was just put it through the upright,” Bailey said.

It was his eighth game winner, establishing a team record. He had been tied with Rafael Septien. Bailey is in his third NFL season, all with Dallas.

It was Bailey’s first game-winning kick this season and his first since beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime with a 21-yarder in Week 15 last season.

“I don’t know about that [being routine],” Bailey said. “It came down to three, and we’ve just got to go out there and do our job. Luckily we were able to do that today.”

Dan Bailey does it again

December, 17, 2012
ARLINGTON, Texas -- In less than two seasons Dan Bailey has tied the Cowboys’ record for game-winning field goals.

Coach Jason Garrett talks about the Cowboys' overtime win against the Steelers.

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Bailey’s 21-yarder Sunday in overtime against Pittsburgh was the seventh winner of his career and the third in the Cowboys’ last four victories. He beat Cleveland in overtime with a 38-yarder in overtime and Cincinnati with a 40-yarder at the end of regulation.

“Any way you can win is good on my book,” said Bailey, who tied Rafael Septien. “I don’t put too much stock into the record part of anything.”

The Cowboys contemplated attempting a 61-yarder near the end of regulation because of a hefty breeze that came through the stadium with the doors open before electing to punt

“I was hitting it pretty good in pregame from pretty far back going that way so as far as confidence goes, I was pretty confident about it,” Bailey said. “But given the situation with that much time left on the clock, I understand doing it the way we did. I think it was the right call.”

After Brandon Carr’s interception put the ball at the Pittsburgh 1, the Cowboys had Tony Romo take a loss on first down to move the ball to the center of the field to help with the angle. Before Bailey could make the game-winner, the Steelers took a timeout in an attempt to ice him.

While thoughts of last year’s game at Arizona might have been in some minds, it wasn’t on Bailey’s.

“Especially in overtime you pretty much know they’re going to use that timeout in that situation,” Bailey said. “You really try to go out there with that expectation in your mind, so you’re focused on the kick, but you realize they’re going to use the time out and going to have to kick again.”